After a warm welcome, you must undergo a prison procedure, i.e. taking a photo with a nameplate. Accompanied by an adorable or menacing prison guard, you will be taken to a cell, where you could all capone and other gangsters from the 50s spent many years. If you are a particularly rude guy, you will find yourself in the cell of a psychiatric ward where America's most dangerous criminals are kept.

Professional service will offer you a special menu as well as American culinary specialties and drinks. Service with a smile and commitment will try to fulfill your every wish. We will do everything to make your stay in the prison cell of Krakow Alcatraz pleasant, so that you always want to come back with friends. The restaurant" behind bars" stands out not only with its original design and unique atmosphere, but also provides an unforgettable experience.

You can experience escape from Alcatraz, psycho attack, meeting with a handsome gangster or interrogation by the prison service.

Alcatraz - a place that fascinated filmmakers and quickly gained the opinion of a place you can't escape from, wait for you in the heart of Krakow.

Special offer for guests of the Jan Hotel.

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